Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So I don't really consider myself an overly emotional person. Sure during the year I have the occasional meltdown where I want to cry and throw my bike over a cliff, or days when a microscope customer is unnecessarily mean to me and I have trouble getting over it. But I'm not really one of those people who cries at weddings.

Last year when we got to Kona and drove down Palani Drive for the first time I started crying. It surprised even me, but I've learned Ironman tends to bring out a lifetime of emotions in a single day. It was mostly tears of amazement - that I was actually going to compete in an event I had seen on TV and dreamed of competing in. And it was happening before the age of 65!

Today tears happened again - only this one just seems lame. I was driving to the pool (in Carlsbad - I'm not even in Kona yet!!) and thinking about the whole triathlon season: being injured, putting countless hours into training to see if I could accomplish more than I thought possible in IM, growing our business, while not overly neglecting my husband, cat, friends, etc. (Yes, the cat takes work too!) I think this time it was tears of happiness. Realizing that if you put your mind to something you really can accomplish it. We're always taught this from a young age, but I think we tend to forget it really is true.

Tomorrow I'm getting on a plane to Kona. I feel I've already won and the race hasn't even started!