Friday, September 26, 2008

Ohhhhhh a penny!

I have a small problem. Well, actually I don't think it's a problem, but maybe some of my friends do. I REALLY love finding money on the ground. I've been known to stop riding my bike to pick up a quarter (errr, or a penny). If I'm at an intersection and the light is red and there is a penny within a few steps of my bike I would probably clip clop over to pick it up.

I have picked up pennies in races.

A few years ago I kept a jar full of all the money I found on the ground over the course of a year. The total . . . $41.22!! That's a LOT of money! Of course the $20 bill I found definitely helped. But still - I could buy a lot of coffee or even froofy coffee drinks with that!! Since the year of my money-jar collecting, the jar of coins has come in quite handy for occasional poker games and Brian's laundry lack-of-quarter issues.

Penny photo is courtesy of one of our microscopes - and FYI, you can NOT see an entire penny at more than 10x magnification! (NERD ALERT!!)

But back to the penny itself - I still think it's a bit of luck each time you find a penny. And I do not buy into the head vs. tails thing either - a penny is always good luck in my book!