Saturday, September 27, 2008

No plan . . . it clicks

So this past week was a week of BLAH BLAH BLAH workouts. They sucked. If Liggett and Sherwin had been commentating my bike workouts "She's going backwards" would have filled every other sentence. In the pool one day our coach Amanda asked if I was still alive because I was so slow. We won't even discuss the run.

Steven - often neglected husband extraordinaire - had to listen to me whine multiple times this week about how my workouts were not happy times. I am not one to skip workouts and this week I skipped workouts. A LOT of workouts.

I can pull a number of excuses out of my hat: 
1. I worked over 40 hours this week (I know, I know, everyone pull out their violins in unison please!!)
2. Maybe mentally I was just "done" after the last big weekend - my body forgot that when I taper I still do a few workouts!
3. Or MAYBE this is how it's supposed to be! TAPERING.

So I got tired of the workouts "not working" by the time Friday rolled around.

Now I'm one of those "Type A plan ahead" people. (STOP LAUGHING!!) I like to get my workouts in early so I can do other stuff the rest of the weekend. Plus - how fun is it to check that workout off the list?! You non-type A people will not understand this - don't even try!

So I decided to sleep in and just do my Saturday workouts when and if I felt like it. NO PLAN. (gasp!!!) I slept in (ok it was only til 6:45, but it felt wonderful!) Instead of throwing on shoes or hopping on my bike I SAT ON THE COUCH and did nothing. FOR AN HOUR! It was great! Steven and I went for a walk - not a run or a ride, just a walk. We got coffee. We went to church (and it was the first time in ages they haven't asked us where we are visiting from!) Then we went for a ride. 

And it was a good ride. I got my HR up and it stayed up and I felt good! I felt like I could keep going forever. Then when I got home I ran - and it felt GREAT. I believe it's referred to as being in "the zone." Whatever it's called - it rocked! Everything just clicked. I was running 6:30s and they felt effortless. I felt like I could run forever at this pace. Any of my friends coming to Kona - please please remind me of this when I'm out in the energy lab!

Now I know everything is already "in the bank". From now til Oct. 11 my workouts will not make or break anything. But having a good workout two weeks before sure makes me happy!