Monday, September 29, 2008

Martha and the Godfather

Martha Stewart had nothing on me this weekend! Here's a recap:
  1. Made pancakes
  2. Vacuumed (took me a while to actually locate this Device, but I even vacuumed the STAIRS once I found it!)
  3. Laundry (and not just throw it in the dryer and leave it there until I can't find the shirt I want to wear - I even FOLDED!)
  4. Made cookies (not really from scratch but nobody noticed!)
  5. Made small floral arrangements for my girlfriends and had them over for a tea party taper-celebration. (OH WAIT - that is something Martha really would have done - instead I did a bike ride up to San Clemente complete with Diedrich coffee stop in the middle - WAY BETTER!)
  6. Watched the Godfather
Ok, so most of you have probably seen this great movie of our time. I however, had not. No really, I had NEVER seen the Godfather I (and no, I haven't seen II or III yet either - they are on the list). I rather enjoyed it once I got it straight in my mind who all the characters were.

Thankfully everyone in the room had already seen the movie so I didn't feel I was disrupting Jeff, Brian and Steven everytime I asked, "Wait, who is he?" "Which Italian family is he with?" or "What is going on?!"

So now all the heads of the 5 families are dead!!! How does this happen?! They were all getting along so well and then BAM - eliminated! I'm not really sure where it can go from here, except of course they are apparently moving to Vegas now, so I'm sure there's drama in Vegas to be had.

Our next Godfather viewing party will be held in the next few weeks and we'll be eating Italian food to go with the great Italian themed movie. I've been told I'll be VERY confused while watching this movie. I'll keep you posted . . .