Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bike vs. Car

I've been trying to multi-task / save the planet more by riding my bike. (Also I'm cheap and when gas went above $4/gallon I noticed). I really don't commute that much (this could also be read: I lack a social life, but I beg to differ). I made a list of the places I drive most often:

1. work
2. the pool
3. track practice
4. races
5. ART (Dan Selstad) appointments
6. Trader Joe's

I bike to work sometimes, but our lack of shower has made this tricky - also it's only 1 mile from my house, so it's very difficult to convince my coach that this qualifies as a "workout".

The pool - actually never ridden my bike there only because I'm already missing over an hour of work time at lunch. Maybe if I didn't have a job this commuting option would work . . .

Riding to track would be great except that it's dark when I finish, so I'm deeming this "unsafe".

I have ridden my bike to/from races. If they could start most races at 10am instead of 7am, this would really help my bike-commute cause!

ART - this is my favorite one to ride to. I am never late to an appointment because I don't have to sit in traffic, AND Dan gives me a towel when I show up (so I don't contaminate his table).

And finally Trader Joe's - if I could only learn not to purchase half the store when I show up it would be easy to bike there. OR, I could just get Steven to install a basket on my tri bike! I could get rid of my ugly bento box!