Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Death Valley

I have lived in California more than half my life and I've never been to death valley. I guess it just takes a French roommate and some reduced training to get me out and about more. The short version of the weekend was: we drove a lot, we saw beautiful scenery (as Jose said: Your country is AMAZING), and we had some awesome trail runs - my favorite being running down part of Mt. Whitney in the snow. The photos speak for themselves...

Amargaosa Opera House.

Death Valley below sea level.



Being able to run up a mountain and end up...

Here. Views for miles.


3 hrs to hike up. 1 hr to run down.

I will say - having foot surgery and taking time to really let it heal (ie not diving right into tons of training) has made way for some awesome adventures. I'm headed up to Olympic National Park next week for tons of rainy and cold trail running. I will post photos when life provides time (so probably much, much, much later).