Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lemonade Stands

I bought a lemonade today from a kid in my neighborhood for 50 cents. If we are going to be exact - it was a cherry lemonade and it came with ice, a smile and even a napkin!

My purchase took me back to 1985 when I stood on a corner outside my house waving at cars and selling ice cold lemonade for a quarter. It was my first life lesson in business, as I watched the neighbor kid across the street set up a larger table than mine and start selling Cokes for 10 cents. I moved my rusty metal chair to the corner so I could catch more traffic near a stop sign before the neighbor kids. As I sat in the hot sun I fumed that their parents were paying for their supplies and I knew there was no way they were making a "real" profit. I felt as if they were cheating.

I like hard work and I don't like short cuts. It's probably part of why I love Ironman training - you really can't win without putting in the work. I've been asked by several people what Ironman distance races I am competing in this year. There is only one: Challenge Weymouth in the UK on September 14. My goal is to win it.