Monday, June 2, 2014

Escape from Alcatraz Race Report

Escape from Alcatraz is quite possibly my all-time favorite race. If you only ever do one triathlon, I highly recommend this one. Diving off the boat into frigid water in front of the Golden Gate bridge ranks up fairly high in my book of awesome things to do on a Sunday.

Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez, The Chronicle
Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez, The Chronicle
I somehow chose the most crowded area to dive in. The swim was choppy (fairly certain it always is in this race) and honestly, I swim horribly the worse the conditions. I haven't mastered how to swim like a pro when I'm in washing-machine waves and constantly swallowing ocean water when I try to breathe. I ended up short of the swim exit and had to parallel the shore for a bit to get out, where I finally exited the water in 34:52.

Photo: Rocky Arroyo,
Zoot Shoes on frozen feet and run the long way to transition. It's easy to find my bike when there is only one on the female pro racks. Arghhhhh to be able to swim faster....I dream of these things!! Thankfully I ride and run much better than I swim in choppy water.

The bike was 18 miles of go as hard as I could, chase, climb, pass some girls (and guys!), descend, don't take corners too fast/crash to not destroy my entire season, and a lot of smiling because honestly - it was just fun. I came off the bike in 9th after riding 54:36.

The Alcatraz run for me is basically a giant awesome playground. Stairs, hills, dirt, sand, etc. I ran as fast as possible for 52:03 and chased to within nine seconds of 8th at the finish.

Photo: Rocky Arroyo,
I finished 9th in 2:27. And then I laid on the ground for a minute.

Photo: Rocky Arroyo,

The fast pro girls I chased all day.
A huge THANK YOU to my sponsors:
Zoot - fast shoes, warm wetsuits, awesome training and racing apparel.
Microscope World - my other great job.
Profile Design - fast wheels, aero bars and hydration.
Powerbar - gels, hydration and recovery for ultimate performance.
Nytro - my local (but they sell all over the world!) bike shop with all things racing/training.
Extreme Endurance - helping me recover faster and race harder.
Rudy Project - great helmets and sunglasses, awesome colors!
Bont - best cycling shoes around.
Kenda Tires - great tires for fast racing and less punctures.

A great big thank you to my friends Kiet & Jason for a fun weekend of laughing and taking care of me all weekend - especially Kiet for getting up in the 4am hour on a Sunday to get me to the race start!

Next up is San Diego International Triathlon at the end of June.