Friday, November 29, 2013


Dave and I spent the past few days camping on top of Palomar Mountain. We took our bikes and went on a 3-hour adventure that was supposed to end at Mother's Kitchen (a cozy little restaurant at the top). Unfortunately Mother's was closed for the holidays and while I was dreaming of grilled cheese on the way to the observatory I bonked. Oops.

The views were amazing.

Burned trees from the fire a few years ago.


The weekend ended with a family dinner by the beach where we celebrated life (my Aunt is beating breast cancer), good cooking (thank you Mom!) and the end of Movember (He is in fact not a creepy gas station attendant). 

Hope every one had a great holiday. Cyber Monday is coming up, so I am working while everyone is out shopping. Remember to buy your kids lots of microscopes for the holidays!!