Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Superfrog Triathlon Race Report

This was the 35th edition of the Superfrog Triathon - making it one of the oldest half ironman distance races.

The swim course is two U-shape loops where you run back to the start for the second loop. I swam hard, lost the first pack and finished my first loop solo.

Running back to start my second swim loop, trying to make up some time. 

30:50 swim is over, time to chase down some girls. I exited T1 in 3rd.

I am at the front in this photo. My Dad and uncle are standing right behind me. The first splits I got were that I was 2 minutes down on the lead. The course is four flat loops and I got a 1:30 and :40 split before I took the lead on the 2nd loop.

My only goal coming into this race had been to ride my bike like a bat out of hell. I told my coach if I completely blew myself up I would see it as a very successful race. I puked on the 2nd lap of the bike and this was my first indication I was indeed riding like a pro rather than a 12 year old girl (which I have mastered in the past).

2:19 bike and on to some sand running...

I came off the bike with a girl right on my heels. Thankfully my Zoot Ultra TT 6.0 shoes make transition super speedy and I was out of T2 in under a minute.

The Superfrog course has about 5 miles of running on the sand and several loops on a military base with a mix of trails and concrete. I have never led a race prior to the run (typically I run people down), so heading out in the lead was new for me. It was a bit lonely - I had one or two guys way off in the distance to chase. 

Mostly I focused on not racing like an idiot by making sure I ate, drank and held a pace that seemed sustainable, yet still hard. I really enjoyed the trail sections of the run - on any given week I spend quality time on trails and always feel right at home when they end up in races.

1:30 run split brought me home 1st female.

4:22 Overall Time.

It was great having my family at the race to celebrate.

I can't say enough great things about my Cannondale Slice RS, I absolutely love this bike. I rode my Profile Design Disc and Profile Altair 80 (tubulars) in the front.

Powerbar Nutrition: (everything that fueled this race...)
Pre-swim - 1 Espresso PowerGel
Bike - 5 Vanilla (no caffeine) PowerGels + 2 Green Apple 1x Caffeine PowerGels, Powerbar Perform drink
Run - 3 Green Apple 1x Caffeine PowerGels
Post-Race - 1 PowerBar ProteinPlus Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

Zoot - Great shoes, wetsuit, kit, transition bag, etc. Most of all awesome people in the Tribe.
SKLZ - Awesome recovery and strength training products.
Microscope World - A great "other job."
Cannondale - My Slice is so very nice - fastest bike split - YAY!!!
Profile Design - Fast wheels, hydration and aero bars.
Extreme Endurance - No leg burning in the sand = success!
Powerbar - Fuel that keeps me going strong.
Bont - Comfortable, stiff shoes that I love.
Rudy Project - Helmet & sunglasses that look great and do their job.
Winsole- Awesome bike insoles that keep me putting power into the pedals.
Sable Water Optics - I can see when I swim. 

A huge thanks to my family for getting up early and chasing me around the course, then taking me out to celebrate post race. And to Dave for deciding we should "just win this one!"

Next up: Austin 70.3