Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Recover and Restart

After IM Switzerland I spent 3 weeks doing absolutely nothing triathlon related. Mentally I needed a break from training and everything that comes along with racing. I stayed off Twitter and all triathlon websites. I slept in when I felt like it, went for a swim or run if it sounded fun, and some days planned to go for a ride, but woke up, rolled over and went back to sleep. I went to a French cooking class with my Mom (no danger of me becoming a French chef, but it was fun).

After several weeks Dave and I went for a ride and toward the end we went hard for about ten minutes. It wasn't planned - it just happened, and it was very fun. I saw a glimpse again of how much I love riding, and pushing my body when I'm rested.

I spent last weekend on my CX bike up on some trails in Laguna. You may remember how awesome I was at CX racing last season....I decided I might need to carry on my amazing streak of beating 5-year-olds and race again this off season. At one point during our ride I crashed into the shrubbery and was stuck sideways (still clipped in of course) - like a bug on its back that can't roll over and get up.

I started training again yesterday and I am excited to tackle two final half ironman triathlons this season. We are taking a bit of a different approach to my training for the remainder of the year - less volume, more speed.