Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pick Yourself Up

Most things that are worth doing don't come with instructions and are not always easy. For a week after I came home from Europe I watched the KPR as every single girl except one took her slot to the World Championships. Sitting next in line is nerve wracking. I tried to forget about triathlon and convince myself she would definitely take her slot.

Apparently I didn't do a great job of forgetting or believing this because when she finally took her slot I went for a run, sat down in the middle of the trail and cried. I didn't cry so much because I do not get to race Kona, I cried because I felt like I had failed. I questioned just about everything in regards to racing - Am I selfish to chase these dreams? Am I crazy to try to work hard at both a job I love and racing pro - two things that are tough enough when done by themselves, but combine them together and am I just asking for mediocre results?

I spent about a day being sad and mad and feeling like a big failure. But when I look back on the year, I know it is nothing close to a failure - and it isn't even close to being over. Life never goes as we plan - I honestly believe it is how we choose to deal with the things thrown at us or taken away from us that truly make us who we are.

If you can honestly say that you gave a goal your best shot, even if it wasn't enough, then there is no reason you should not walk away with your head held high. If you can take a miss and turn it into an opportunity, life will not disappoint.

I hope you never walk away from dreaming big, taking chances or chasing goals because you are afraid of failing. You might fall down (many times), but you can always pick yourself up, come back stronger and experience how beautiful life is along the way.