Monday, June 17, 2013

Ironman Training in Montana

Ironman training may or may not be crazy. Ok - it's crazy. Somehow racing really fast usually entails destroying myself slightly, and nearly reaching a breaking point several weeks out from a race. It's during this point in time I typically swear off ever racing another Ironman...until I cross the finish line and somehow forget all of this.

I've been in Montana for two weeks training with my coach. I have raced a 40k TT and a road bike race (blog on this to come). I will race a 10k running race this week before I head home. What makes the training difficult is the day-in-day-out accumulation of miles, intensity and making myself "hurt". Somehow the races help me forget the hurt because they are just fun.

The new roads, scenery and trails have done a fairly good job of helping me appreciate what an amazingly beautiful a place I am in, and forget a bit how hard all of this training is.

It has also helped to have friends to train with and push me.

I had an easy ride today and at the mid-way point I found myself sitting on a curb outside a gas station in the middle of nowhere MT drinking a Coke. I must have looked overly defeated because an elderly gentleman walked up to me and set a cold bottle of water on the ground next to me. He didn't say a word. It actually reminded me of an act of goodwill one might impart on a homeless person.

I smiled most of the way home because of this kind gesture.

Nobody ever forces me to train hard for Ironman. But I want to get the most out of the experience, so I choose to go all-in for training. Definitely not the easiest route, but come race day I will be 100% confident I did everything I could to prepare.

20 days until Ironman Frankfurt!


Alison said...

Beautiful pics!

Kiet said...

Awesome story about the gesture, those types of acts put a smile on my face as well. Been out with sinus infection for almost two weeks now and no end in sight. Don't think SD training camp will happen as you'll be in best shape of your life and me in worst, not ideal for us to be training together.

Steve said...

A common theme lately, and maybe it is just because you are in the big days of Ironman training, but are you getting the same satisfaction you were before??

Is all this training still as fun??

You have a pretty colorful personality. You are not a one trick pony. Remember way back when you used to post about house projects, gardening, garden gnomes, hot do eating contests, art etc...

I do. A lot of how we feel on the inside is not up to us. Listen to yourself, see what you are trying to say to yourself, even if it isn't what you expect.

Take care. :)



Nice guy!
Sounds like Caroline Steffen should watch out