Monday, May 13, 2013

Palomar Camping

Four years ago the Tour of CA went up Palomar and some friends and I spectated. This year we rode up the day before, camped at the top with plans to spectate on race day.

We had an awesome camping location, just a couple miles from the top of Palomar. The best part was that friends took our tent, clothes, etc. up in a car while Dave and I rode our bikes to the top.

Seriously good camping!
Sunday morning I got to run along the ridge, up to the top of the mountain and back to our campsite - an awesome trail run.

Snakes galore - not sure what this one is, but we saw several rattle snakes.

Sunday we decided rather than viewing the race on top of Palomar we would head over to the descent on Wolford. Except by the time we had climbed out of Rincon in 110 degree heat and positioned ourselves in the shade (where it still felt 100 degrees) to wait for the Tour to fly past, and realized we needed to wait over an hour for the riders, we were over it. It was HOT. So we rode home, got cold drinks and skipped watching a ton of skinny guys in spandex fly by on their bikes.

It was a great weekend.


Steve said...

There is a lot to you Charisa. At this stage of the game you must realize. As great as you are, and you know I luv ya. You don't have the answers do you?? You are like the most awesomest best person I know, but you don't feel like me.


xoxoxo :)

solarpowered said...

That does sound like a great weekend! Except for the snake part.
AND, I thought I left a congrats on the last post for an impressive 70.3 effort, but I guess I didn't... so Congrats!

Snakebite said...

When I do rides in the summer in snake country, I announce and impose "Thee Reptile Rule." The rule states: If you run over a snake and you kill it, you have to eat it (cooking first as the killer's choice).

So, who's up for a snake country ride?!?

Ordinarylife said...

oh yikes! I am terrified of snakes.
Looks like a great trip other than that though.