Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I have to be honest, I had NO CLUE what a wallaby was before I went to Australia. Turns out they are basically miniature kangaroos.

They reminded me a bit of bunny rabbits.

They hop around just like kangaroos also.

I am such a tourist.

This Koala was pretty awesome - just chowed down on his leaves the entire time, couldn't care less that we were taking photos with him.


Beth said...

I *REALLY* need to go to Australia!

Kiki said...

looks like a fabulous time! love that you get to see the world through your racing!


Again, all I saw was naked Germans..
Obviously I was in the wrong place

JB said...

One of my favorite countries... New Zealand might be my favorite!

Maggs said...

Supposedly there are some wallabies on the mountain next to my house. I always look for them but didn't even know what I was looking for. Now I do. Doubt I'll ever see them there though.