Thursday, March 21, 2013


It was a wandering type of day. Not necessarily an exploring day - that takes more energy...

On my ride this morning.
On multiple occasions I've been struck by how similar much of the architecture here is to New Orleans or Charleston. I like it.

My mom and I wandered down to the water where I had a fantastic fizzy lime drink on the pier. (Yes, in the tiger shoes!)

We found ourselves by a vacant finish line...

Sitting in a cafe with amazing views of the clouds rolling in.

I really love the view from the end of this pier.

We wandered past children's sailing lessons.

And sat by the beach for a while. I liked how all the birds line up facing into the wind.

It was a great day to wander from cafe to beach to chocolate shop. Normally when I'm not training, I am working. It's been rather luxurious this past week to have very little of both on my schedule.