Friday, March 22, 2013

All Heart Ironman #15

I have a big heart and I race with all of it. The past two years I raced with as much heart as possible while putting the pieces of my own broken heart back into place while it seemed to get crushed multiple times. Racing against the world's best athletes while life as I knew it crumbled around me was something that saved me and is impossible to describe in terms of difficulty.

My heart is happy and excited to face the incredibly stacked field at Ironman Melbourne tomorrow. A friend emailed and said "Slowtwitch doesn't know you exist - make people scramble on race day to figure out who you are." And this is my plan.

My race kit is lost on a UPS truck in Melbourne, Oops! Ironman Melbourne will be my 15th Ironman and I have a great feeling about this one. This race is for ME first and foremost, but it is also for my coach Elliot, my parents, my sponsors, and my friends who over the past few months have been nothing short of amazing. I hope to make you all proud on Sunday as I fight to the finish.