Thursday, January 10, 2013

Finding Myself in Hyde Park Running

One of my favorite ways to see new areas is to run through them. One afternoon I threw on my Zoot shoes, put on my ipod and ran over (& around) Hyde Park.

It was one of the best runs I have had in ages - not because I ran fast, but because a lot of the times while running I find myself. I cried for half the run and didn't care that I was the crazy American girl running through the park taking photos with a tear-streaked face. The past several years have been quite honestly the hardest of my life. I have loved more, hurt more, and learned more about myself (good & bad) than I ever thought possible. I started making decisions based on me and what I want, not what other people want or think I "should" do. I am much better at taking care of other people than myself at times, which has made this process all the more difficult. I do not like to lean on people and ask for help - I do not want to be a burden, and as a result at many times I felt I was a very blessed person with a lot of friends, completely alone. However, I have realized there is no way in hell to make it through life without leaning on each other. And by reaching out to others I have seen so much kindness it is overwhelming.  I discovered what true friends are, and I have a lot of them.  I learned to let go of those who do not fall into this category and just live life - enjoy myself while life happens around me rather than trying to fight it, trusting I will end up in a good place in the end. I struggle with this last part a lot, as I am used to being able to fix things by working harder on them. I am learning to just BE.

 There was lots of green even though the trees are bare.

This section of lake was so calm and I loved it.

Serpentine where the Olympic triathlon was held.

This run didn't solve my problems. But when I was done I felt a lot better because I experienced it. In many ways this is what life is all about - just experience it. Learn from the mistakes and enjoy the ride - because it will be a roller coaster at times and I can guarantee it will never be predictable. 

To quote John Lennon ~ "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."


Emily Korsch said...

totally get your feeling of being "a very blessed person with a lot of friends, completely alone". Working on the reaching out part too. As hard as training could ever be, it will never be harder than real life. Thanks for sharing this post.

Snakebite said...

"I started making decisions based on me and what I want, not what other people want or think I "should" do."

It is super cool to see/hear/read this, or a variant, from someone. A HUGE congrats to you!

Kiet said...

One of the best paragraphs I've read on this blog. And yes, so very grateful that we have running as a tool. I was going to tweet something to this effect yesterday, "If you want something, put it out in the Universe, there's a good chance it will be answered. I have at least one proof of this."

JC said...

This blog post is so great to read. Live the BEST Life!

J. L. said...

Great Post! Sounds like an amazing place to run, too.

Damie said...

so awesome- and ADC is a great person with whom to be sharing these times and friendship. xo

Steve said...

One of your best Charisa. :)

Teresa said...

Our messages are very similar yet written so differently. Found myself in peaceful tears many times these past few months. You are one strong girl and I am happy to know you. Big hugs friend!