Thursday, August 2, 2012

Great Riding

I consider myself lucky to live in an area with some great riding year round. I'm currently training for Ironman Wisconsin, which basically means I have been making full-use of the cycling routes I have available to me.

One of my favorite climbs. When I pace it solo it can be enjoyable. When I am with a group pushing the pace it hurts nonstop for twenty minutes. On a hot day there is always heat radiating off the canyon walls and it feels somewhat oppressive. This is how it felt on this particular day. Sweat-pouring-off-me hot.

Above the far-right peak you can see smoke from a fire that started hours before. California can create perfect conditions for out of control wildfires in the summer since we don't usually get rain between May until October.

Wide open spaces.

Fun stretch of windy road (on the left).

I am racing a local sprint triathlon this weekend and next week will head to Wisconsin for Rev3 Wisconsin Dells Half. Looking forward to racing again!