Monday, January 23, 2012

Non-Ride Riding

There was a ride Sunday with the boys on bikes. I spend a lot of time on these rides either in a massive spot-of-bother or laughing. It's a strangely odd and satisfying combination.

We found ourselves on this particular road.

Mike flatted. And two minutes later I ran over a rock I never saw.

And this happened. For those of you who do not ride, this is bad for continued ride enjoyment on a Sunday.

The wheel takes me nowhere when the tire is hanging on my shoulders.

I figured the boys could carry on with their ride while I waited for a friend to bring me a spare tire. Instead they all hung out with me while we froze and laughed a lot. And in that hour while we waited, I realized I really am very lucky to have such good friends.

Good scenery. Good friends. Good Sunday ride. Even the non-riding parts.