Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leadman Triathlon

In the past I have always started my season with CA70.3, mostly because it is in my back yard. I decided to mix things up this year and branch out. I wanted something different. I wanted a challenging race with some different distances than the typical half.

I found the perfect race - Leadman 125 March 31, 2012.

  • It's in Las Vegas - I can drive. And when I finish, I'm in Vegas.
  • Swim is 2.5k (1.5 miles) in Lake Mead. Water temp will be in the low 60s.
  • Bike is 109.5k (68 miles) - it's challenging, hilly, and in the beautiful high desert. Perfect opportunity to test my early season bike fitness.
  • Run is 13k (8 miles) climbing River Mountain trail to historic Boulder City.
I am excited! If you want to join me you can save 15% off your race entry using coupon code Ltftri24 when you sign up. If you are ambitious and want to race the Leadman 250 in Bend, OR in Sept. you can use the same code to save on that race entry as well.


SSB said...

Next year you should mix it up even more and do Lavaman (that same weekend). Because the swim is beautiful, the bike is fun, and the run is pretty challenging. And when you're done you'll be in Hawaii!

Molly said...

Very cool!!!

Beth said...

Oh looks like a fun race! ! Will be sad to miss you at Oceanside though!

Christi said...

That sounds like a good race. I hope you have a lot of fun!

Jason said...

I cannot wait to read your take on this event.

My goal is to do both in 2014 and getting first hand recon from you for the 125 will be huge.

Caroline said...

Sounds like an awesome race! But alas, that weekend I will be getting my rear handed to me on a carbon platter at a tri camp in Tucson. Maybe another year, those distances sound kind of perfect. GOOD LUCK!

Jaclyn said...

I have a work conflict with Wildflower and this might be the perfect replacement race!