Sunday, November 6, 2011

Amica 19.7 Triathlon Race Report

It's been over three years since I raced a sprint triathlon. I forgot how fast they are over. And how hard it is to breathe while racing all-out.

Some day when I am very old I think I will look back on my racing and be most of happy about the friends I have made through this sport. As usual, Angi, Amy and I spent a good amount of time laughing on our warmup. 

 I came out of the 750m swim about 1:30 back from the leader and in 4th.

Off on the QR (with some awesome Profile bars & wheels!) to chase girls down.

Please notice my gymnast-dismount skills. Yes. All those years spent in gymnastics do occasionally come in handy. I somehow biked the fastest female bike split and closed the gap when I got to T2.

Off to run 5k I went, in my fun speedy Zoot shoes.  In typical sprint fashion I went out much too fast and got a side stitch for the first mile. I managed to move into 2nd and stay there. My chip time shows I ran 18:22 - I think it was a bit short because I did not feel I was running that fast.

Yeah! 2nd again. And done!

My friends Karleen and Rich brought their new pup Kai to spectate.

And my swim coach was on hand with her puppy Eiger. I think she may have mentioned "we have work to do" at some point regarding my swim....oops. Definitely a work in progress! But I have come oh-so-far in the swim area, so I will take what I can get.

This however, was the best part of the race. My friend Mike and I had a straight-up time bet.

I won. By 11 seconds.

Big thanks to my homestay Michele who made the weekend so fun and makes amazing home-made Italian food!! I am spoiled.

A million thanks-yous to those that make racing so much so very possible!!!
  • Zoot – From my awesome running shoes, to the wetsuit that I'm finally doing justice, I love all your gear. And even more I love the Zoot family.
  • Profile Design – I love my aero bars with my name on them!! And my wheels are super light and fast. And my aero drink holder works seamlessly.
  • – the support you provide is amazing,  I never have to worry about something being in stock. Thank you!
  • QR – Love love love my bike! It is fast.
  • Rudy Project – my sunglasses and helmet are the best out there.
  • ZipVit – From race nutrition to recovery - thank you, I am covered.
  • XEndurance – podium again. Thank you.
  • SableWater Optics – I can see when I swim. Always. This rocks!
  • K-Edge – Haven’t dropped my chain once all year – thanks!
  • – I love my job, thank you for always working around my crazy training & racing schedule.