Saturday, October 15, 2011


There are days in training when I feel amazing. And there are a lot of days where I do not. Today was a day when I got on the bike and within the first hour I knew it was just going to be a lot of hours of feeling uncomfortable, while (bonus!) riding my bicycle. For me there is a difference between feeling uncomfortably good, and uncomfortably blah. I actually don't mind the uncomfortably blah days in training because I figure maybe it's less likely I'll hit one of these days come race day. I'm sure it doesn't really work like that, but somehow in my mind I justify it.

Ironman training tends to bring out more uncomfortable training days, but at the same time on days when I think I'll feel horrible, sometimes I end up feeling amazing. The human body is funny like that.

We finally have a little bit of fall colors inland.

Tomorrow I get another chance at hopefully feeling uncomfortably good. Hope everyone had a great weekend.