Thursday, September 15, 2011

Traveling in Wales

Basically since I left the states I've been moving to a new place about every two days. This is awesome for providing new bike scenery, running routes, etc. It is not quite as amazing to pack up my bag full of tri stuff every few days...but still worth it just the same.

Somewhere between Hollyhead and Tenby, Wales.

View out my window one morning. This day it took more than a few minutes to crawl out from under the covers and get on my bicycle.

These views just never get old. Especially on the bike.


Angelina has been awesome - not only has she made me feel at home very far from home, but she has taught me how to speak "proper" English, treated me to cream tea, welsh cakes, provided a washer for all my dirty bike clothes, and shown me the best of the UK. I've decided the US has nothing compared to the UK when it comes to chocolates, treats and such. The scones here even come with cream!

A little village in Wales with a very fun clock.

Another great cycling road.

One of my favorite rides - Ogmar beach in Wales.