Friday, September 16, 2011

Training in Wales

I said this about Irish triathletes and I think it applies to the Welsh as well - I'm fairly certain you have one of the most beautiful places to train, and the weather makes you tough as nails.

I set out on my bike yesterday to partly sunny skies, and I was actually warm. Within ten minutes it was raining sideways and I was fairly certain I might just blow off the road. And I was then cold.

Wet and cold. But I've learned if I don't like the weather to just wait ten minutes. It might change. Or it might not. But if I keep riding I generally stay warm and the scenery keeps flying past and remains amazing. And if I don't stay warm it's nothing that hot tea and scones won't cure when I am done.

Riding to the sea.

As I passed this hole in the wall, the wind gusting off the sea about knocked me off my bike.

I'm not sure why, but this sign just made me laugh. I love it.

Still loving the sheep...

Almost race day. I can not wait!!!