Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ireland 70.3 Course Preview

Without any elements and on paper, the Galway Ireland 70.3 looks like a fast course. Having seen it all in person I would say it still looks like a fast (and fun!) course. However, knowing the elements here in Ireland, it could also be tough, depending on what type of weather you like to race in.

This diving board structure is quite old - near the swim start. An Irish gentleman at our B&B said he used to come here as a kid when there was a springboard diving board on it still. The water this morning was 13C (55F). It wasn't quite Alcatraz cold, but it was chilly. I'd recommend two swim caps.

The bike has what I would consider very very small rollers. 
And a lot of beautiful scenery.

The two main towns on the mostly out-and-back course were all decorated for the event. If you like to ride in the rain, you will love this race. Because it will probably rain at some point on race day. It might also be cold. If you come from San Francisco you will most likely feel right at home.

I'm guessing there might be some good pubs in these towns for spectators to hang out in and celebrate as you fly by.

Near the turn around in Maam Cross.

The hardest part of the ride or run may be this: the wind. I've been here three days and it seems to blow all the time, just a matter of if it's 30+ mph, or a little less...

The run is three loops all along the bay, town and a small river.

Athletes will run in front of these colored houses.

But only after running under the historic Spanish Arch, built in 1554.

Back past the locks...

The boats rest in the mud when the tide goes out.

Good luck to everyone racing!


Beth said...

It definetly looks chilly there! But so a postcard! :-) Have an awesome day tomorrow Charisa! Will be thinking if you! :-)

Beth said...

Good luck! I know my family will be out cheering. I used to live right by the swim start at Black Rock and I remember the diving boards!

krystyna47 said...

Looks like the towns are SUPER embracing the IM70.3 race. What kind of vibes are you getting from the Irish folk down there?? :)

Steve said...

Good luck tomorrow. Looks like tough conditions. If it helps give you any confidence, I think you will do better than I could. :)

Ha ha. Best of luck to ya!! xx

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

You're going to nave so much fun! Those Irish love to cheer especially pretty girls with big smiles.