Friday, September 2, 2011

A few Castles

I've been in Ireland two days and I feel like I've been here a week. It is beautiful.

The towns are quaint.

There are castles.

And gardens with beautiful flowers.

My mom is an amazing driver and has only lost one hub cap (well, lost then found) so far. I was supposed to be the main driver, but apparently you need your driver's license to rent a car here too, and I forgot mine in California. Oops!

It's very green here. Which is probably more exciting to me than most people since I live in CA where it is brown all summer long.

I think I've had a massive smile plastered across my face the entire time I ride here. How you could not enjoy being in a beautiful place AND riding a bike is beyond me.

Riding roads...

Another castle...

And a cute house.

I told you there were a few castles...