Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Win $50 to TriSports.com

Vineman 70.3 is Sunday, and there will be a showdown between TriSports.com very own Jaclyn and myself. You can place your bets on our race as well, and win $50 to TriSports.com!

A little bit about Jaclyn:
  • She started swimming when she was five. Swam through high school, and then played water polo for two years in college. (Basically for me it's good our bet is not on the swim alone...)
  • She raced her first triathlon in July 2009.
  • Last year was her first half (at Vineman) where she finished in 5:52.
  • It should also be noted that last year she had a similar bet with Leanda, and Jaclyn won.
 The fish in action...

 I've been told her racing machine is tuned up (thanks to TriSports!) and ready to crush my dreams...

The QR is also prepared to do damage...

I raced Vineman two years ago and finished in 4:35. Jaclyn and I have a 75 minute time gap that we determined based on our goals. If she closes that gap to under 75 minutes, she wins. If I hold the gap above 75....winner winner chicken dinner!

This is how you can win $50 to TriSports.com. In the comment section simply post what you think our time gap will be at the finish - please include minutes and seconds (example = 74:59). Check back on Monday for results. Good luck!!