Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Like to Bike

I grew up using a bicycle for transportation. As a kid, in the summer the bicycle took me everywhere - the pool, friends houses, the park, exploring. To this day I still love exploring on the bike. Here are a few pictures from my ride last weekend.

There's actually a train that snakes through this valley below, although hard to see from the picture. I love how it winds its way through the orange trees. When I ride on the road down by the tracks I like to race the train - it's slightly uphill. Sometimes I win.

Today is the first high mountain stage in le Tour. I'm not sure how I will contain my excitement and make it through the day. I have gotten very skilled at staying off twitter, news websites, VeloNews, etc. during the day so I don't find out what happens. Being on the west coast somehow makes it all the harder...

Enjoy your ride!

You can still enter to win $50 to here. Votes accepted until 6:32am Sunday when I start swimming.