Friday, July 8, 2011

Ocean Swimming

As a result of my amazing open water swimming skills (or lack thereof...) I have been trying to practice a bit more in the open water, which basically around here = the ocean.

Fast B agreed to our early ocean swim, with guarantee of coffee post-swim.

We sprinted back and forth between the buoys multiple times. At least until we decided the surf was getting larger and for fear of getting pummeled when heading in, we called it good.

One of the higher swells - when I couldn't see the sand on the shore...

The entire beach was covered in bird foot prints this morning. I thought it looked fairly awesome.

Steven and I are off on a family outing this weekend, which also means new roads for my bike and I to explore! I will of course take my camera.... Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Hooterville Mayor said...

I actually touched the ocean by San Diego back in '82 but never got a chance to swim in it. I sometimes envy you, living in paradise like you do. But then again, I live 6 miles from the biggest city in my state and can ride my bike for hours without seeing a motor vehicle, so it's a trade off? :)
Have a good weekend!

Steve said...

I love that you smile a lot. :)


Is the water that cold there?
And is that an Ironman Nice swim cap he has on??

Jason said...

Great photos.

I remember getting in the ocean at 70.3 IMCA in April and trying to swim in that stuff. Felt like I was swimming on a treadmill with my arms moving but me going nowehere. It was crazy.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Congrats on braving those cold waters!

ADC said...

Hope you and Steven had a great weekend.