Friday, June 3, 2011

Racing Weekend

This is a father-daughter racing weekend once again. Except our climates are going to be very different. My Dad has flown to the lovely Big Island to race Honu 70.3 where he will face wind, heat, humidity, and see multiple palm trees and maybe a turtle or two during his swim (he is in fact out there swimming for a while!)

I have chosen a much closer-to-home and apparently this year possibly terrible-weather race in San Francisco. But I love Escape from Alcatraz, so I plan to enjoy my dive off the boat into the icy by water, and will race as hard as possible to keep from going hypothermic in the rainy 50-degree temps forecasted. I also plan to keep the rubber down on the technical bike course...

Photo (c) Timothy Carlson.

If you are racing this weekend - have fun & go all out!!