Sunday, May 29, 2011

Long Weekend

I love long weekends - the opportunity to try to catch up on everything I let slide between work and training with time to play/train/etc. mixed in.

I recovered from my sickness and was able to push myself on the bike again yesterday. Summer scenery of brown hills have returned to Southern CA.

Our good friends KK & J had an engagement party.

Which gave Steven an excuse to wear blue pants.

And some added time to watch the sunset.

Tomorrow three of my good friends & I are going to ride the Mt. Baldy stage from the Tour of CA. I've been told for the final 9% section up to the peak of Mt. Baldy I need a 28 in the back. I don't have one - I have a 25. And since I can't really justify buying a campy one for my road bike for just one ride, I will be paper-boying it up behind the boys! I can't wait!! Pictures to follow...