Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Falling Apart

As with any sport, the more you train, usually the better you get. I play golf about once a year. I am especially skilled at losing my ball in the (insert anything other than fairway here) and 10+ putting. I swear they add little hills to the greens that are not visible to the human eye.

Typically around the ninth hole I become somewhat bored with the game. Seriously - who does the same thing for four-plus hours??!! (Bike riding obviously doesn't fall into this category for me...) Once I become bored, I tend to fall apart. Spectacularly. At this point my game either becomes very entertaining, or occasionally for me - on the rare case I am taking golf seriously - frustrating.

My very first ironman swim. If you look closely you will see me next to the whitecap on the left and the man with the very awkward swim stroke.

At some point during a swim (race or training) I tend to have a section where I fall apart. My stroke just goes out the window, I am certain all the girls have completely left me in their dust, and I am positive I'm swimming backwards. I have gotten better at reminding myself when this happens that what is going through my head is not true. I also remind myself the countless hours I have spent training - and that I did NOT put all this training time in only to fall apart in a race. What do you think about or tell yourself when you start to fall apart in order to bring you mind back into the game?


Beth said...

UGH! I feel like this especially happens to me in swimming - I get tired, the chop is wearing on me, etc... and before I know it I feel like I'm doggy paddling instead of swimming. What helps me most is remembering short phrases to bring me back and for swimming it's "reach and pull" just so I can focus on some semblance of a good stroke. I'm not sure it always works but it at least occupies my mind! :)

Kiet said...

for some reason, I always say to myself, "You are made of steel." But now that I'm writing this, I'm thinking being made of steel is not so good when you are swimming, biking and running. Hmmm...I might need to find another mantra.

That pic of you golfing cracked me up, take a GOOD look at your face, so freakin funny!


The solution to the both the golf game and swim stroke are the same thing....... beer.

Angela and David said...

I feel the same way about golf. After 9 holes I am just over it.

As to what do I tell myself, it almost always happens to me in the swim and towards the end of the bike ride in longer distance races, and I have to remind myself I didn't sacrifice all the time away from David and Zach to freak and wimp out. They deserve better.

Steve said...

I could tell you all kinds of things, but ya would think I was nuts. :)

I have a promise, so every day I wake up strong. If I fail in something like an early morning blog, I think about how much good will show up anyway.

I always feel pretty good about who I am, and the direction I am headed. I ain't perfect for sure, but I am not afraid to not be I guess.

Good luck kiddo. :)


m said...

On the swim I do something similar to Beth. I have phrases that I can chant in a rhythm of 3 (3 strokes then breathe). It keeps me focused and keeps my head away from negative thoughts. Some of my favorites are
"Just-Keep-Swimming", "Relaxed-and-Fast", "Strong-and-Smooth", etc

Andrea said...

Last night I had a particularly hard training swim and all these negative thoughts filled my head. The one thing that worked was telling myself "You are in control". I wanted to say "You are in complete control" but that didn't match with my swim rhythm. :)

GoBigGreen said...

Oh boy golf and tennis are alot alike in that way. With Tri i still say the same thing " stay in the moment..." dont get ahead of yourself and its not over till you cross the line. Bc you also never know when the other athletes may have the same thing going thru their heads. It may be you in the swim but i bet its someone else in teh run, that makes it all seem ok bc nobody is perfect!
Good luck in NO!