Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Right NOW

Right now is all that really matters. What you have done in the past is good knowledge. But it is past. What you plan to do in the future is something to look forward to, but it hasn't happened yet, so it's irrelevant. What you are doing right now - focus on it.

I say this because many times in races or training, we want to hurry up the moment. You might want the swim to be over so you can get on the bike and hammer. Or you might be mid-set and thinking "My legs are tired from xyz this morning" and sell yourself short in the workout.

 My track. It's sideways. Just turn your head to the right...I'm lame and can't fix it.

Yesterday I had a hard day of training. Bike intervals, a swim, and a track workout in the evening. The track workout would have been hard if it had been the only workout of the day. I found myself in the middle of the set chasing a few friends and focusing only on turning my feet over quickly. Anytime a thought of the day's previous workouts came into my head I looked down at the track and thought to myself, "Track is what we are doing right NOW, nothing else really matters." I was amazed that when I forced myself to think like this, I was a bit more relaxed and just let the legs turn over.

A "this-green-hill-is-awesome-but-my-photo-capturing-while-riding-skills-are-limited" moment captured this morning. Hope everyone's training is going well. I'm curious if anyone has any tricks for keeping focused on right NOW?