Monday, March 28, 2011


I am so inspired by all the posts on the Zoot contest. (You can still enter until next Sunday). I love how we are spread out all over the world, and yet the sport of triathlon brings us together. We all have goals and love to race, and it's neat to see the variety of races we are anticipating this season.

I am also reminded how fun this sport is by my weekend workouts. Sunday was a ride where this picture pretty much sums up all 3+ hours of it:

It was wet. And yet, with soggy socks and dripping helmets, we still had four friends who showed up for the fun. My Dad even came out to ride with us.

And when I finished riding and headed out to run I ran into Jeff, who although already on mile 20ish of his run, decided to do an extra loop with me so we could run together. I consider all of these people my very best friends - and were it not for this crazy sport, I would have never met them. With these friends - life is never dull or boring. Thanks for the inspiration!