Thursday, March 31, 2011

California 70.3 Race Tips

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If you are in town for Oceanside 70.3 we ordered up some great weather for you! I figured I would post a few tips on racing this course, for those of you who may be racing here for the first time.

  • The water is cold, but not terrible (last check was 58). If you are a bit of a slower swimmer you might want to consider wearing two swim caps or a hood to keep you a bit warmer.
  • Since it is a wave start, you often stand around in bare feet in the chilly temps on cold concrete for a while. I usually bring an old pair of socks I don't care about throwing away to wear once I'm in my wetsuit but have left transition to line up.
  • There are occasionally seals in the harbor. They will not eat you! They are just curious as to why you are swimming around in their home early on the weekend.
  • The first part of the course is flat and fast. It's fun - you often will have a tail wind.
  • After you turn to go inland you will hit the rollers and one particularly "ohmigoodness-I-have-to-climb-that??" hill. Spin those legs and you will be up it in no time.
  • After descending the fun rollers on the back side of Camp Pendleton (thank you marines for letting us on base!!) it flattens out and typically you will head into a strong headwind. Keep in mind everyone has to ride through it.
Thanks to Script & Seal for this cool image - you can purchase it here.

  • The course is mostly on concrete, so if you don't do well with race flats on strictly concrete - maybe wear a more cushioned shoe.
  • The run is relatively flat and BEAUTIFUL - ocean views galore.
  • If you come from a colder climate and are in a later wave it might feel a bit warm on the run - don't forget to hydrate.
  • There is no sand running this year!
Hope everyone who is visiting for the race has a great time. It's a hard and fun course, and a great way to kick off the triathlon race season.


Running and living said...

Your description made me want to race it! Good luck Charissa! Swim like you don't have to bike after,and bike like you don't have to run. And run like you always do!

elizabeth said...

This is great Charisa, I passed it along to a few friends of mine racing here for the first time! :)


You are going to have a great day!!
We will be watching.

58? Hard to imagine my training partner goes and swims 5 to 8 miles in that stuff with no wetsuit... not me..

solarpowered said...

I wish I had this kind of insider info for all my races! Your notes make this sound like an awesome race to do!

Kiet said...

Good tips, and way to think of doing this, after all, it's your home turf! Crush it!!!!!