Thursday, March 31, 2011

California 70.3 Race Tips

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If you are in town for Oceanside 70.3 we ordered up some great weather for you! I figured I would post a few tips on racing this course, for those of you who may be racing here for the first time.

  • The water is cold, but not terrible (last check was 58). If you are a bit of a slower swimmer you might want to consider wearing two swim caps or a hood to keep you a bit warmer.
  • Since it is a wave start, you often stand around in bare feet in the chilly temps on cold concrete for a while. I usually bring an old pair of socks I don't care about throwing away to wear once I'm in my wetsuit but have left transition to line up.
  • There are occasionally seals in the harbor. They will not eat you! They are just curious as to why you are swimming around in their home early on the weekend.
  • The first part of the course is flat and fast. It's fun - you often will have a tail wind.
  • After you turn to go inland you will hit the rollers and one particularly "ohmigoodness-I-have-to-climb-that??" hill. Spin those legs and you will be up it in no time.
  • After descending the fun rollers on the back side of Camp Pendleton (thank you marines for letting us on base!!) it flattens out and typically you will head into a strong headwind. Keep in mind everyone has to ride through it.
Thanks to Script & Seal for this cool image - you can purchase it here.

  • The course is mostly on concrete, so if you don't do well with race flats on strictly concrete - maybe wear a more cushioned shoe.
  • The run is relatively flat and BEAUTIFUL - ocean views galore.
  • If you come from a colder climate and are in a later wave it might feel a bit warm on the run - don't forget to hydrate.
  • There is no sand running this year!
Hope everyone who is visiting for the race has a great time. It's a hard and fun course, and a great way to kick off the triathlon race season.