Friday, January 14, 2011


Training is fun, but I love to race. When else can you go so hard on the bike that you drool on yourself? Or have moments where you feel like you are invincible, followed by moments where you feel like pure death?

In my quest for speed this year I'm trying to throw some shorter races into the mix. My race schedule still changes every other week, so there is no point publishing it. I will kick off the season with a running race in February (still unsure if it will be a 5k or a 1/2 marathon...) The triathlon season will begin with my back-yard race of CA70.3 with all my friends. There will be races in CA, NY, MI, etc. My first long triathlon will not take place until late September. In Europe. And I am beyond excited about this!! If you have any input on races that have top-notch courses, great scenery, or fun people at them, I'd love suggestions.