Thursday, January 13, 2011

Clear Sight Swimming

I love the fact that when I swim I can actually see where I am going. I have enough issues to overcome with my swim as it is - so swimming in goggles that allow me to see clearly definitely are a bonus.

For those of you in the UK, 220Triathlon magazine recently gave a favorable review for Sable WaterOptics goggles.

And since Sable WaterOptics goggles are a little more pricey than cheapo Speedo goggles, my coupon code (CWERN-S) for 10% off at might help.


Running and living said...

I did get the Sables last year and love them...for about a month. Then they started to fog up! I was super careful with the care the manufacturer suggested, but for me the did not deliver. Maybe I had a bad pair?

Steve said...

I have a goal of 100% comment rate of bloggers I read this year. Here is my comment. :) I didn't say they would be good. :) lol

ADC said...

I love my mention in your blog - "for those of you in the UK" :))

JenniferLeah said...

Will check it out~I am having a span of bad goggle luck :( and gotta say my Speedo's are the only ones that don't fail me!

Any discount codes for a QR hanging around?? LOL

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