Monday, December 6, 2010

Wrapping It Up

2010 was my rookie pro year. It exceeded all my expectations. I got my pro card because I wanted to be pushed and race against the best in the world in the sport I love. I believe I still have so much more to give and I am already looking forward to next season.

My season was packed, including 14 races, 12 triathlons of which 3 were full Ironmans. I can honestly say that in each race I learned something.

Such as how swimming smack into large swim buoys (multiple times) does not necessarily result in a fast swim time.

I learned it is possible to run from last place off the bike into the money. And it hurts. But it is so very rewarding to never give up.

I learned that having family, friends, and my 96-year-old grandma to cheer me on at races is incredibly inspiring.

I learned a lot of hard work does pay off. 
Not always immediately, but it pays off.

And having another rookie pro by your side never hurts.

And I honestly believe attitude is everything. I went into this year somewhat terrified to line up at Oceanside next to multiple World Champions. So I determined that the entire rookie pro year would be exactly what I made it. I could choose to make it scary and daunting, or an adventure I would never forget. I consciously decided I would never beat myself up for a race in which I felt I had given 110% on any given day and raced to the best of my abilities. And racing was meant to be fun - so I kept it that way. I hope you will do the same. Racing is a luxury where we can push ourselves further than we thought possible. And at the end of the day - it's still just a race. It is a part of life, but does not define anyone. Happy Offseason!