Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reaching for Stars

Van Gogh is one of my favorite painters. Sunflowers, Le Chambre, I love them all. But two in particular seem extra special.

 Cafe Terrace to me, is a perfect setting. Italy. A cafe at night with friends. I imagine crisp dry air and a warm cool breeze blowing. Cappuccino, dessert, and laughing in the background.

And Starry Night. A quaint small village with the massive milky way splashed above it, highlighted with a bright moon. This scene I image to be in the chills of winter, people cozy in their houses, gathered around fireplaces and such.

The commonality of both paintings is stars. Chasing my dreams and reaching for stars would not be possible without the help of many people. For this I am grateful. I have big dreams and goals and it is both a lot of work and fun to chase them. So I'd like to say THANK YOU!!

sponsors - you support me in my reach for the stars. you are also my friends.
friends - thank you for laughing with me. training with me. living life with me.
family - nobody can choose their family, but i feel lucky to have a family i love.
coach - you regularly push me outside my comfort zone. i have learned it's good for me.
blogland - i have never met many of you and am inspired daily by you. keep on keeping on!
athletes - i have raced with some amazing pro women this year. i am continually inspired by their work ethic, sense of humor, and how grounded and real they are.