Saturday, November 13, 2010

Steven's Donut Run Race

You may remember that Steven is not only a talented runner, but he also tends to be quite a competitive speedy eater. Today was the West Coast version of the Krispy Kreme Challenge. Race entry was the cost of donuts and a new toy for a child. The race works like this: run 2 miles, eat 1 dozen donuts, run 2 miles.

And they are off! (And yes, Dave is dressed like a sheep...)

Steven's pacers from his half marathon - Jeffrey and Dave (sheep) - leading the race at mile one.

First into transition and slightly short of breath after running under 11 minutes for 2 miles.

 There are many strategies to eating donuts quickly.

Steven worked on cutting his lead and eventually left transition before Jeff.

I just finished telling Jeffrey what a good job he was doing. "Terrible, Charisa!" was his reply.

Gutting it out.

Down the home stretch and Steven was behind. The race for 4th place was on!

Oh yeah! All that sprinting and I'm happy to report there was no puking!

Happy Finishers. 
Who will not be eating donuts again for a very, VERY long time.

Winner, winner chicken dinner!


Beth said...

This may be the best race ever!! And I love the fact that your friend not only won the race but that he was dressed like a sheep!!! :) Congrats to Steven! :)


My stomach is hurting just thinking about it.

t-odd said...

Steven's stomach is my new hero (sorry, Ian.) I just think about Steven downing that dozen donuts and get nauseou.

Hope he enjoyed his nap. And then a huge cup of coffee.


I think my dozen would be back on the road at mile 2.1

Teresa said...

Unbelievable. Ouch. Yum. Fun. Sign us up! Love the sprint finish. I hope he won some donuts for that! Way to go!

Caratunk Girl said...

I would have totally thrown up!! I mean, I would have tried it (not in tighty whiteies and a sheep head hat, but you know, maybe a wonderwoman costume?)

Awesome race and pictures! We don't have any donut races around here, they seem to be everywhere.

Kiki said...

I see a great future event, combine the donut run with the beer mile. 3 miles, 4 beer and 12 donuts. Heck Ya!

Bob Almighty said...

I have to agree with Kiki granted here in New England I think it should have coffee maybe a dozen donuts and a box of joe ( equivalent of 10 8oz. coffees.) Dunkin Donuts should be all over the sponsorship.

Kiet said...

I had a feeling Steven can eat, the skinny guys always can eat. I think you need to tow the start line next year cuz skinny girls can usually eat too.

Christi said...

Wow, I know I can't do that but Congrats to Steven!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

That would cure me of donuts for a long time. Ok, what's with the sheep outfit?

Libby said...

we have been talking about doing this at work for months! we even have been training our tech in donut eating strategies :) but then he's usually useless the rest of the day. the sandwich method is the fastest by far :)

Fat and Slow said...

The sheep costume would have seemed much cooler if Jeff had worn the 2nd one I had and super duper cool if we got one of the girls to dress in the 3rd, female, black sheep costume... Alas, I was the only idiot in costume that day.