Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lactate Testing

I was lactate tested again this morning to get a benchmark of watts and heart rate on the bike. I found a new location in Solana Beach that I highly recommend called The Wolf Studio. This lactate test involved riding my bike while the watts were increased and my blood was taken from my finger every three minutes to measure lactate. Watts, heart rate, lactate and my rate of perceived effort were recorded. And then the watts were raised. Again and again. Until my legs failed and we stopped. Fun.

Before the watts got too high . . . 

Getting uncomfortable.

Finger prick.

I love this picture because I'm obviously completely uncomfortable, while Alan smiles. He did an awesome job motivating me to keep going and making sure I was ok each time he pricked my finger.

Cedric got a lot of sweat on him.

If you are curious about the lactate testing there is also a video from my test here.

The athlete studio specializes in sports performance, injury prevention (biomechanics), massage and strength conditioning. If you are local I recommend their free injury prevention clinics on Wednesday nights. Now we get to see if I can hold the watts in Austin on Sunday...