Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Taper Ride

Yesterday's schedule called for three hilly hours on the bike, at Ironman heartrate. I found a couple of boys willing to let me chase them around in order to get my stubborn heartrate up. I didn't capture a lot of images on this adventure, mostly because I was busy working. However, there are a few I thought were good.

At one point on the ride we cross a long suspension bridge with a "lake" under it. This is the view off the left side of the bridge. I thought the cracked dirt that led to green algae was beautiful. Sorry the fence is in the way - sometimes my capture-while-riding shots don't turn out perfectly...

The right side of the bridge - water leads to mud.

Our ride ended at Gordy's Bakery. If you find yourself in Encinitas, go check this place out. Awesome treats, and Gordy is a long-time runner!