Saturday, September 25, 2010


Interbike was a whirlwind of two days crammed full of bikes, bike parts, bike stuff and more bikes. I met some awesome people, saw a lot of friends, but most importantly had a lot of fun drooling over beautiful bikes.

Sweet commuter.

 Awesome Sidi Italian shoes.

My Quintana Roo bike.

Brooks makes some really awesome saddles.

Bradley Wiggins very pricey bike.
 SRM power meters come in fun colors. I want the orange one!!

The guys at Twin Six continue to impress me by making fun shirts, jerseys and commuter bags.

There was voting for the new GU Roctane flavor. Cherry Lime is the best!

 Green and orange rims.

After crashing into bed around midnight Thursday, my friend Karen woke me up at 5am Friday to get my butt kicked at a local Vegas masters swim. We survived!