Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun Ironman Pics

I've thought a bit about how much I enjoyed IMWI and what, if anything, made this race different. I think a huge part of my approach to this race was the fact that having my cousins, grandma and friends at the race was very special to me. I felt they had driven a long way to cheer and deserved to have fun.

Prior to hopping into that water I promised myself that if all I did on race day was stay positive, I felt it would be a great day.

During the entire race I smiled a lot. It may sound silly, but I really was just happy to be in the mix of a race with some very talented athletes passing by my family and friends multiple times. The following string of pics is Catherine and I re-enacting how much her brother made me laugh as he sprinted along beside me for about 200m on the bike.

Whooo hoooo 5th!! Amanda broke a spoke on race day and had to pull out of the race. Instead of being mad about her own race, by the time I started the run she was already out on the course cheering. She is going to rock Cancun 70.3 this weekend!

I have always believed we have much more in us than we think. We can go further, do more, and push ourselves beyond what seems possible. And many times the race is not where this discovery is made; it is sometimes along the journey to the start.

I spent the past few days with my Grandma in Michigan. I've got some great pics of this adventure and will try to post them this weekend.