Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swimming Girls

I'm lucky to swim masters with a bunch of fast girls. Until recently it was pretty standard to find me at the back of the lane. The VERY back. Hanging on for dear life. Gasping for air. And then coach prescribed 2x/day swim workouts.

Not only are these girls fast, but they keep me honest. And make me work. Yesterday I led the second set, then figured someone else would want to lead. I looked around. The girls just looked back at me as if to say "How do you suppose you're going to PR your swim in triathlon if you don't keep leading?"

Marit threw out some other motivation. Kerry stuck to me feet to make sure I made the set as fast as we were supposed to. It was close, but we made it. And my arms did not fall off. Whew!

A huge thank you to these girls that swim like fish. You make it very fun to put myself in a lot of discomfort in the water. When I get my 27:xx swim bet we're going to need to have a party!