Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Because

Goat image courtesy of Drake Brodahl Illustration.

This has been one of those weeks where lots of things have gone wrong. Yesterday at work I wanted to crawl under my desk and cry. Or hide. At times like this I tend to do a lot of what I call "just because" things. Mostly just because life is too short not to.
  • I ride my bike the long way home just because I can.
  • I plant new garden items (beets, broccoli rabe and carrots) just because.
  • I purchase random things just because they make me laugh.
  • Coffee is consumed just because it tastes good.
I find that if I can't laugh at things when they get awful, somehow I can't seem to survive in chaos. And my life tends to be somewhat chaotic, mostly at my own doing. So today I'm trying to fix all the broken things at work before I hop on a plane to fly to Texas tomorrow. And in Lubbock I plan to race my heart out - just because I can.

I'll leave you with Drake Brodahl's alligator - just because it's fun.