Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boys Boise Showdown

As of yesterday, both Steven and Jeffrey have signed up to race Boise 70.3. Steven has never done a 1/2 ironman before. Jeffrey had this experience at Vineman last year. Every five years the boys fall into the same age group. So what better way to celebrate, than to attempt to destroy each other in a race with minimal training. There is a history of competition between the boys, including the World Golf Championship in Kona, which resulted in these awesome t-shirts for future games.

A few items that makes this more fun.
  • Jeff will not swim until race day. He swears it won't help. I actually think he's right.
  • Swim - Steven has a bit of a surfing background, so we're assuming this will carry over and he will come out of the water first.
  • Bike - Steven swears Jeff will destroy him on the bike. Jeff says there is no way he will catch Steven. They rode 60 miles together in training last weekend.
  • Run - Jeff is the stronger runner of the two. But after swimming 1.2 miles and biking 56, it's probably anyone's race to win.
  • Transitions - This may be the secret weapon for both. Steven got some Zoot shoes so he won't have laces to tie! 
Amazing outfits will be worn by both, so spectators at the race will have no trouble picking out and cheering for the boys. Jeffrey will be in pink. Steven in orange. If you have any idea of good bets the two should have for the win, please share!!