Tuesday, November 3, 2009

World Golf Championship

A little known fact about Kona: there are actually not one, but TWO World Championships that take place the second weekend in October. In the days leading up to Ironman, the 54-hole World Golf Championship took place.

This year's Championship talent was deep: Jeffrey and my husband Steven.

18 holes were played on Thursday and the final 36 holes on Friday, after swimming much of the Ironman swim course. Keep in mind these boys then spent the entire day Saturday chasing me around the island for that other race.

This is Steven's eagle putt that helped him clinch the 2009 title.

I believe Jeffrey has been hitting the driving range each evening in hopes of reclaiming the title (and bragging rights) next year. Despite his rigorous golf training, he was still able to run a 2:51 NY marathon two days ago.