Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2010 + Triathlon = Pro

The 2009 triathlon season was a lot of work and a ton of fun. I worked my butt off in training and was really happy with my racing. I made some mistakes that were invaluable learning experiences.

I love triathlon because I truly find it fun. The friends I have made through this sport and some crazy training days could never be replaced. The feeling of realizing you can do oh so much more than you thought possible is something I wish for everyone to have.

I have always been in triathlon because I love trying to answer the question "How fast I can get?" In continuing with this goal, I'm going to send away for my Pro Card and chase the fast girls.

This makes getting back to Kona 10x harder and instead of posting about winning races I might be posting about how proud I was to finish way back. But I really see it as the opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to experience triathlon in a completely new way and to challenge myself. When I turn 80 I want no regrets.

This picture was taken about 10 minutes after I finished the Kona Ironman in 2008. I love it because to me it shows 100% the way I feel about this sport. My goal is to maintain everything that picture stands for while racing Pro.

Thankfully I won't be alone in my rookie pro season. I've got an awesome friend to experience it with. And with that, I'll leave you guessing while I go try to learn how to swim...